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Electrochromic glass- enhances Modern Building Electrochromic Glass, which is also referred as smart glass or electronically switchable glass, is considered as the modern building and innovative building glass which could be used for creating windows, skylights and partitions. It allows users in controlling the quantity of heat or light which is enters the glass with the flick of the switch. It is giving the feature of regulating temperature or creating the privacy with the flick of the switch.

They are able to provide proper privacy when required and such a structural glass is produced with the multi- development for the glass techniques and glass. It is regarded as the energy saving component with regards to building and are able to change the color on command. It passes less voltage, electrical charges into the thin layer on the surface of the glass, which activates an electrochromic layer which is going to change color from light to darker directions.

The electric current could be activated through manual means or via the sensor medium which is reacting to light intensity. When the glass is darkening then it reduces the solar transmission into the buildings. When there is less sunlight, then the glass is going to brighten. When it is done then the artificial light is reduced or minimized.

How does it work? There is the thin multi-layer which is assembled between the traditional pieces of glasses. The two outer layers of the glasses are transparent conductor electronically. After it lies the counter electrode and an electrochromic layer, within an ion conductor in between. The glass is programmed in such a manner that they absorb only some part of spectrum of light such as solar infrared.

Features of Electrochromic glass When the current is provided then it darkens and when it is stopped then it is cleared. It is not at all white or black. It is able to provide wide range of penetrations with regards to colors which are allowing total management of power of sun. There are chances that it’s going to take some time to change into shades.

Applications It provides the visibility when it is in the darker shade due to which it is preserving visibility to the contact with the outside environment. It is being used in the small-scale applications like rear view mirrors. It is also sometimes used for the internal purposes, for example, for the protection of the objects under glass of the museum which are displaying images and pictures from glass. They are visible through the specific wavelength of the lights.

They could be applied to locations like meeting rooms, offices, villas, hotels, windows, showers room, kitchen cabinet, technical resident conversation, automobile skylights, security windows for automatic windows, open counters of banks, windows, bathroom windows and so on.

Competing technologies There are numerous technologies which could be used in the application of the smart windows. Some of them are as under- thermotropics, liquid crystals, reflective hydrides, suspended partial displays, photochromatics or photochromics. When you have to clean it then it’s going to hassle. In such a regards, it’s an easy alternative and means for handling professionally. By blocking the UV radiations, they are protecting furnishings and paintings in your office and home.


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