1. Can I purchase a mirror and use it on my existing TV?

No. Vario Mirror TV is a unit that consists of the TV, the mirror and the frame.

2. What sizes are available for Mirror TVs?

Available sizes are 49”, 55”, 65”, and 75”

3. What are the dimensions of the Mirror TV?

The width and length of the Mirror TV unit varies according to the TV size and frame you choose.

4. What is the warranty for Vario Mirror TVs?

Vario Mirror TV has a 1 year warranty.

5. What is Customized Vario Mirror TV?

With Customized Vario Mirror TV, you can choose the size of your mirror, the TV and the frame.The size of the mirror will be bigger than the size of the TV.

6. What is the maximum mirror size for Customized Mirror TVs?

1.8 m x 1.8 m for the regular customized mirror TV. 60 x 80 cm for the touch screen customized mirror TV.

7. What TV sizes are available for Customized Vario Mirror TVs?

10.1”, 16.4”, 21.5” and 32”

8. Can a Customized Vario Mirror TV be frameless?


9. Is Customized Vario Mirror TV available in touch screen mode?


10. Can I use Customized Vario Mirror TV in my bathroom?

Yes. Customized Vario Mirror TV is waterproof.

11. What is required for the installation of the Vario Mirror TV?

Vario Mirror TV can be mounted on the wall like any standard TV. Customized Vario Mirror TV can be hung like a regular mirror with 4 hooks.


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