1. What is the warranty on Vario Privacy Film

Vario Privacy Film has a 1 year warranty.

2. Can I cut the film myself?

Vario Privacy Film cannot be cut or altered after fabrication. This product is custom made to fit the client’s glass.

3. What is privacy glass made of?

Privacy glass is basically a liquid crystal film sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass.

3. Can Vario Privacy Film be used for projections?

Yes. Vario Privacy Film can be used as a screen for retro projections.

4. How is the film connected to the electricity?

The wires should be soldered on the copper connectors of the film. Further instruction is available on the installation guide of Vario Privacy Film.

5. What is the right film size for my glass panel?

The film should be 2-3 mm smaller than the glass panel to avoid direct contact with the frame.


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