1. What is the price per square foot?

Our prices depend on many variables. Therefore, we price each project individually. To get an estimate please let us have the measurements of the panel you need, or at least a rough estimate of the total square footage needed.

2. How long does Vario Privacy Glass last for?

A very long time.  According to our tests, if you switch the glass on and off 50 times a day for 25 years, the glass would still be working.

3. What is privacy glass made of?

Privacy glass is basically a liquid crystal film sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass.

4. How do I get a sample of Vario Privacy Glass?

To get a sample please send us an email to [email protected] Privacy Glass 10" x 13" samples can be plugged into the wall to observe the function of the glass. A $100 credit card deposit is required to receive a sample. The amount is reimbursed if you return the sample within 2 weeks. You can also choose to hold on to the sample.

5. What are the maximum production sizes of the glass?

Our maximum production sizes are 71” x 144”.

6. Can Vario Privacy Glass be installed in humid areas, like a bathroom?

Yes, Vario Privacy Glass can be installed in humid areas. The electrical transformer, however, must be installed in a dry place. The wires should be insulated with silicone at their connecting ends to make sure everything is watertight.

7. Can doors be made out of privacy glass?

Yes. We will fabricate the Vario Privacy doors along with the necessary cut-outs.

8. Is Vario Privacy Glass completely clear when it’s on?

Vario Privacy Glass is transparent when it’s on. However, depending on the lighting and angle you can expect a little haze.

9. Does Vario Privacy Glass consume a lot of energy?

No, Vario Privacy is a green product and consumes only 2.7W/m2.

10. Does Vario Privacy come in different colors?

Yes. You can choose any color for your privacy glass. However, keep in mind that whether it's in the on or off state, the glass will always be that color you chose.

11. Can Vario Privacy Glass be used on windows?

Yes. We have an application for exterior windows that we call "Vario Privacy Thermo". Besides the privacy option, it also serves as a heat insulator.

12. Can I have the privacy option on my existing glass?

Yes. We do carry a self adhesive film that can be installed on your existing glass; it will have the same function as the privacy glass.

13. What warranties does Vario offer?

Vario offers a 5 year warranty on the Vario Privacy Glass and a 1 year warranty on the film.

14. Do I need a specialist to install the Vario Privacy Glass?

Vario Privacy Glass can be installed like any other standard glass. However, a specified type of silicone and hardware should be used. Also, a certified electrician should be on site to handle the electrical wiring.

15. Can Vario Privacy Glass be used as a screen?

Yes. Vario Privacy Glass can be used as a screen for retro projection.

16. Does Vario Privacy Glass come in a curved form?

Yes. Vario Privacy Glass can be curved. Please click here to see an example of one our curved privacy glass projects. https://varioglass.ca/snc-lavalin-conference-room/

17. Does Vario Privacy Glass come in different shapes?

Yes. Vario Privacy Glass can be produced in all different shapes.

18. Can Vario Privacy Glass be sold for residential projects?

Yes. Vario undertakes both residential and commercial projects.

19. Can Vario Privacy Thermo be triple paned?

Yes. Vario Privacy is available in both double and triple panes.

20. What is the thickness of Vario Privacy Glass?

The standard thickness for Vario Privacy Glass is 13mm. The standard thickness for Vario Privacy Thermo is 23mm. Additional thicknesses are also available upon request.

21. Can your product function on a 220 Volt current?

For projects located in countries that have 220 Volts as a standard for outlets, we can provide transformers that will convert your building current to the required voltage for the glass to function properly. Our glass samples have been made for 110V current however, so you will require an adapter and a converter to make it work on a 220V outlet.


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