1. What is Vario Shade?

Vario Shade is a transitional film that tints based on the intensity of the sunlight.

2. Where can I install Vario Shade?

Vario Shade can be installed anywhere in your business or residential space, to reduce sunlight, heat and glare.

3. Is Vario Shade waterproof?


4. What colors does Vario Shade come in?

Vario Shade comes in 2 colors, blue and grey.

5. How much would Vario Shade tints?

This depends on the grade you pick. There are many options available, please contact our sales team for more details.

6. What are the sizes of Vario Shade?

Vario Shade is a customizable product. We produce the film according to your needs.

7. What kind of connections is required for Vario Shade?

Vario Shade does not require any electrical or mechanical installation. It gets activated by the sunlight.

8. Can I add Vario Shade to my existing glass?

Yes. Vario Shade is a film product that is installed on existing glass.

9. What is the price of Vario Shade?

Our prices depend on many variables. Therefore, we price each project individually. To get an estimate please contact out sales team.


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