1. What is Vario Sun?

Vario Sun is a thermochromic self-tinting glass, that automatically darkens and lightens based on the heat from direct sunlight.

2. What sizes does Vario Sun come in?

Vario Sun is a custom made product; we will fabricate the glass panels according to your unique measurements.

3. Does Vario Sun require any electrical installation?

No. Vario Sun is a thermochromic glass which means it operates based on heat from the sun. Therefore, it does not require any electrical installation.

4. Is Vario Sun eco-friendly?

Yes. Using Vario Sun can reduce the costs of heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting.

5. How is Vario Sun installed?

Vario Sun is installed like any standard IGU glass.

6. Does Vario Sun come in color?

Vario Sun is a dynamic glass that gradually changes color shades based on temperature. Available colors are grey, green and blue.

7. What is the thickness of Vario Sun?

Since this is a customizable product, we can achieve any thickness required.


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