Vario Privacy

instant privacy

at the flick of a switch

for your home and your office

Vario Mirror TV

is more than the decorative mirror it looks like;

invisible behind the stylish glass is an impressive HDTV.

Vario Sun

gradually transforms

in the presence of heat

to provide protection and

reduces overall solar heat gain.

Vario Sky

can be manually “tuned“

to precisely control the amount of light,

glare and heat passing through a window.

Hello Vancouver!


Vario Glass has Vancouver to heart.

We are present in the region to bring you the best in the area of glass technology. We have a complete line of smartglass products at your disposal to add a wow design factor to your cozy space. Check into our new product. At Vario Glass we understand that high tech solution calls for quality job that’s why we offer state of the art solutions tailored to your needs. Vancouver has that passion for taste when it comes to having a neat finish and Vario Glass is there to fill that need. Take for instance Vario Privacy, its smooth transition from see through to complete frosted state provides your space with couple features such as : privacy, electronic shading without moving parts, movie screen, etc.

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