Vario Privacy

instant privacy

at the flick of a switch

for your home and your office

Vario Mirror TV

is more than the decorative mirror it looks like;

invisible behind the stylish glass is an impressive HDTV.

Vario Sun

gradually transforms

in the presence of heat

to provide protection and

reduces overall solar heat gain.

Vario Sky

can be manually “tuned“

to precisely control the amount of light,

glare and heat passing through a window.

Smart windows –Enhance beauty of Home

They are referred to as smart glass, switchable glass, switchable windows and smart windows. Windows are considered as the major component for design of home or building, so it is the only fitting which are planned according to the design which is impressive and attractive. Windows does changes a bit of outlook for all the rooms and also the heat transferred through the glass. Windows have specific impact with the design and form of it, as they are focusing on cooling and heating.

A new and innovative technology which is mentioned as smart glass are allowing architectures in saving energy without hampering or compromising the outlook of the windows. The code of widows around US seems to focus on greenery designs. They have become a part of the niche market and lots of products are able to attract the audiences in the sector of building.

Its Emergence and facts
It was first introduced in the late 1990s and during that the glasses required electricity for manually or adjusting it automatically. The amount of light use to be adjusted which was passing through and then based on the refractions it use to change into darker part or lighter parts. If any improvement is required on any such window glass then surely they would be requiring ample of amount as there would be larger amount of funds used for the implementation and installations. So the chances happened that companies have to spent lots of amount in mending it and due to which the cost used to outcast or outweigh the benefits.

Comfort level
Smart windows could automatically change their tint which would be based on the temperature outdoor and the conditions of light. It improves the comfort level of for all those people who are inside the home and does increase the efficiency of energy. For Example, when there is a heavy tint during the summers then they could reduce heat transfers from sunlight due to which you would not at all be requiring air conditioner or cooler.

Features of Windows
They are ceramic coated so when they are activated through the electricity current then they would tint glass. According to reports from National Renewable Energy laboratory, if you have to power around 100 windows worth of the smart glass then they would require power which would be less than the 75-watt light bulb.

Impact of switching to Smart windows could increase the amount of bill for the building. Buildings are accounting for almost 40% of the energy consumptions in United States department of energy. They can also provide larger savings with regards to terms of the green house emission of gas, which could be reduced. If every individuals plan to install the windows at their home then  it is going to decrease the green house emission in the atmosphere. If there is requirement of less energy for the demand of the use of the building, it would mean that there would be less or reduced amount of energy or oil required and in such manner the dependency would also be reduced.


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