Vario Blue Shade

transitional film

light and heat optimization.


Blue Shade is a transitional sun light sensitive film that goes from clear to DARK BLUE. No connections or electric wires required. It is activated by the sunlight’s intensity. It maximizes the light while cutting the Sun’s heat. Vario Blue Shade helps to bring down the cooling and heating costs, while creating a more comfortable space. Vario Shade adds elegance to your office building or home facades. At the same time, it provides sun protection, optimizes luminosity and reduces heat and glare, without compromising the outside view.


  • Optimization of light.
  • Elegant addition that filters and decreases the heat.
  • Creating a fresh ambient for business space and home.
  • Improve visual appearance.
  • Reduces Glare.
  • Savings on electricity consumption, air conditioning and heating.




Office & boardroom partition screens, doors, sliding/folding doors, windows, roof-lights, university classrooms, changing rooms, etc...


External windows, doors, roof-lights, toilets, patio doors, balustrades, balconies, etc...


Cars, Sunroofs, RVs, etc...


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