Instant, Switchable Privacy For Your Home Or Business

Vario Privacy

instant privacy

at the flick of a switch

for your home and your office

Vario Privacy

instant privacy

at the flick of a switch

for your home and your office

    • Not Only It Ensures Privacy & Security, But Also Reduces Heat & Saves Energy
  • Say Goodbye To Messy Spray Paints, Glass Films & Etching Creams
  • Designed For Windows, Doors, Walls, Partitions (Residential Or Commercial)

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Vario Privacy is smart glass technology that serves as an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly electronic blind or privacy screen, offering instant visual privacy at the touch of a button. Smart glass allows home or business owners transparency when they want it and privacy when they don’t. It can also be activated according to pre-set rules.

  • Energy Savings
  • Modern Aesthetic
  • Better Health
  • More Benefits

Offers dimmable privacy

Is eco friendly and looks pleasing

Blocks ≥98% of UV rays

Reduces heat waste. Saves energy

Reduces glare/eye strain

No moving parts. So no wear and tear

Adds to resale value of the property

Protects artwork, furniture 


Spray/Etching Cream

  • Takes time to apply & dry
  • Can't be removed easily
  • Risk of not getting the desired opacity if applied wrong
  • Requires a bit of know how for setup and upkeep

Vario Privacy Glass

  • Instant privacy once installed
  • Can be turned off with a click
  • Assurity of getting your desired privacy level each and every time
  • Hassle-free solution with nothing to worry about

Frosted Window Film

  • Takes time to apply
  • Can't be removed easily
  • Hard to get the application precisely right the first time
  • Requires a bit of know how for setup and upkeep







Let’s Make Your Residential Or Commercial Space Even Smarter

Say ‘good-bye’ to peeping toms, nasty glare and wasteful heat gain and say ‘hello’ to instant privacy and energy savings with breakthrough ‘smart glass’ technology.

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We can help walk you through the various options and price points

Years Of Experience

We have created privacy glass for customers in all shapes and sizes

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What Our Customers Have To Say

My clients were looking for a simple and unique privacy solution for their office. They now thank me for the state of the art and effective design of their conference room. Now they can attend their clients in private and make a good impression at the same time. What a wonderful product!

- Erin, Designer

Vario's smart glass products are really top-notch and very easy to install in all constructions and retrofits. Their team gave us the support needed for a nice and complete installation. It's a breeze to switch between transparent and opaque modes.

- Chris

"Vario's products are very impressive. The team is very effective and they respect their delivery terms. The Vario Team made our lives easier and it was a real pleasure to work side by side with them to end our project on time. We hope that many companies follow their example."

- Luke, Contractor

Always looking for green technologies, I find that Vario is very well equipped in terms of products with a low energy consumption for buildings. The beauty of their smart privacy glass products is that they make our lives greener.

- Bastien

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this also block heat of the sun?

Will this be ok if it gets wet?

Can this be used on a shower window?

Does it come in different colors?

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