Vario Sky

can be manually “tuned“

to precisely control the amount of light,

glare and heat passing through a window.


Vario Sky is an electrochromic glass capable of controlling the amount of light and solar heat passing through a window, eliminating the need for cumbersome curtains or blinds and keeping the occupants comfortable no matter the time of day. It changes opacity gradually, going from translucent to a deep shade of blue when needed. This product is well suited for building facades composed almost entirely of glass, seeing as it helps reduce the cost of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The technologically inclined will find this smart glass convenient and innovative, as it is electrically operated and can be controlled by a light sensor or a smart-home automation system.

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Vario Sky Glass electrochromic coating consists of five layers of ceramic material. Applying a low voltage of electricity darkens the coating as lithium ions and electrons transfer from one electrochromic layer to another electrochromic layer.

Reversing the voltage polarity causes the ions and electrons to return to their original layer, causing the glass to return to its clear state.

This solid-state reaction is controlled through a very low voltage (less than 5V DC) power supply. A darkened state enables Vario Sky Glass to absorb and reradiate away the sun’s unwanted heat and glare. A clear state allows you to maximize daylight and solar energy.



External Glazing

  • Fixed or casement windows and doors
  • Solar Control Shading screens
  • Sliding/folding doors
  • Balustrades and balconies
  • Create comfortable environments in offices, bedrooms, sunrooms and conservatories
  • In Vario Sky SmartGlass Curtain walling, the use of a photocell will automatically protect the interior of a building when the sun’s rays shine
  • Can be single, double or triple-glazed including low E glass and gas filling, resulting in improved thermal performance and reduced solar heat gain and unparalleled U Values

Security and Safety

  • Protects staff and interiors from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Reduces harmful solar heat gain.
  • Controls solar glare.
  • Reduces the effects of noise pollution.
  • Provides security and safety due to toughened laminated glass construction.
  • Low electric consumption.


In an effort to reduce glare the windows of many commercial buildings are permanently tinted, therefore requiring more lighting inside the building than that which is optimally needed.  Natural day lighting, which can be regulated using Vario Sky SmartGlass products, has been shown to improve health and well being, and thus its regulation is considered by many to have a strong influence on one’s attitude and productivity.

  • Instant and precise control of light
  • Energy Savings on cooling & lighting costs
  • Eco friendly, reduces building carbon emissions
  • Exceptional optical qualities that reduce glare and eye strain
  • Eliminates the need for expensive window dressings like electronic louvers; blinds and solar shades used in architectural applications
  • High durability, solid-state technology with no moving parts to wear out or break
  • Stable color characteristics for the life of the unit
  • Ambient temperature control via solar control
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Hygienic low maintenance material
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Wide light transmission ranges
  • Reduces uncomfortable “Gold fish bowl” feeling when living or working in high-density buildings such as apartment blocks or office complexes
  • Reduces fading of carpets, furniture and protects valuable artwork
  • Protects skin from damaging UV rays
  • High UV stability
  • Low working voltage
  • High contrast at any viewing angle and any illumination level
  • Cost competitive
  • Infinite range of light transmission levels without the blocking of one's view

Configurations Available

  • Thickness: From 25mm
  • Colour tints: Clear, Blue
  • Processing: Double Glazed, Triple Glazed
  • Single Panel Max Size: 60’’ x 120’’

Control Methods

  • Wall switch
  • Remote control
  • Movement sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Timer

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